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    Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
    3:00 pm
    you wont let those robots eat me
    So ya
    Thought ya
    Might like to go to the show.
    To feel the warm thrill of confusion and
    that space cadet glow.
    Tell me is there something eluding you sunshine?
    Is this not what you expected to see?
    If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes,
    You'll just have to claw your way through the disguise.


    So ya
    Thought ya
    Might like to
    Go to the show.
    To feel that warm thrill of Confusion,
    That space cadet glow.
    I've got some bad news for you sunshine,
    Pink isin't well, He stayed back at the hotel
    And they sent us along as a surrogate band
    We're gonna find out where you folks really stand!

    -In the Flesh, Lyrics and Music by Roger Waters.

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    Monday, May 9th, 2011
    11:30 am
    A Spring Break in Three parts
    I love to have some sort of division between things when I'm given more than just a week off something. And such was the case for the Spring Break. It had three main parts with two interludes. Let is see how this played out shall we?

    Part the First: The Friends and Family Expidition

    The first part actually started with not knowing what was going to happen. I didn't know if I was going to get my passport in time for the DC trip. Unforctunetly, it did not come in time. Major bummer. That along with some crazy random stuff going on that first weekend after class started, not the greatest way to start off the Spring Break away from the books. I thought I'd sit and just enjoy doing nothing, when rather, having nothing to do made it so there was nothing to do to keep my mind off things. Hazza! But! I did deal with the stuff going on and got myself back to solid ground enough to walk away from it. I checked out a number of used book stores, probibly not a good idea, but what eves, and did alot of walking.

    ANYWAYS, first part was started when my bro (biological bro) came back from his co-op thing and we watched a couple movies, then on Wednesday we headed back to Barrie. While in Barrie I visited my Mom and my Dad and Ann. My dad even took me to this EFT workshop and it took all I had not to jump up on the table and yell out 'Jaquse!'. But I kept my composure and gave it the fair shake it deserved.

    I also had an awesome full day with the Awesomness of Stephanie! Yay! We watched the latest Narnia movie and then played the game of life, then walked, then she took us (us being her parents, since it was their aniversery, her self and me) to the Manderine for dinner. I loves visiting Stephanie's family, I always get fed. Then Alexei came by and we tryed to bowl, but since it was Thursday it was leage night, so we ended up just playing Wii Bowling. Friday was spent Hanging out with Alexei for a bit, then picking up stephanie, going to Spring Water Park, seeing the very depressed animals, and then going back to Alexei's place for Rockband and movies.

    Saturday was Easter with Mom's family, where we descussed the finer things in life. Sunday followed with Easter with my Dad's Family where we went to the Crock 'N Block. Then, since I had to be back in London for Tuesday, on Monday my mom drove myself and Shane back. But we stopped off at Marry Maximes for crafty goodness.

    Interlude 1:
    Being back in London for the day, I went to an apointment I had, and checked out an awesome used Record store. I also got a bus ticket to T.O. since I was going to visit my Grandfather and my Uncle. I also met up with my other Broski (Mel) Colleen, Katy, Jake and Kathleen for some awesome random awesomness.

    Part the Second: The Toronto Expidition

    So I tackeled my fear of not only a bus but of going out to an unknown area all alome. And to boot, I would have to walk from the down town bus terminal to the subway station, take the subway all the way to Islington. If I could do this, I could succesfuly say my fear of venturing out alome on a bus had been defeated. +5 experience for Michael! Yeah thats right,  I did it. And it felt grand!

    So I visited my Grandpapie, who is awesome as always. I had a big book (I wanted to finish it, but unfortunetly I have just over 100 more pages to go) and awesome music. My Grandfather suggested since he wouldn't be too too much company that I should roam around downtown for a bit on the Thursday. I thought this a marvoulous idea; I wanted to hit up the Big HMV down there anyways. But it wasn't until a Text from Gemma Gemma made that plan come to life. Since she lives in T.O. when not in school I suggested we meet up there and have an awesome shoping trip. She agreed.

    So we met up at Dundas Square and proceeded to poke around downtown. I limited myself to only 1 CD at HMV, which turned out to 2. I blaim Gemma, but then again, if she wasn't there, I'd probibly have more. So it's a good thing she was there. We then walked through the Eatons Center for a couple hours then parted ways.
    At my Grandpas, we talked, then I read, watched movies and listened to the CDs I got from HMV. Then on Friday Gord, my Uncle picked me up since I was going to spend a couple days with him and his kids. My Aunt gave them Lego, so a major part of time with them was spent playing with Lego. I also watched my cousen's Ballet resital, took them to their swimming lessons, kept them entertained while their parents did non-parenty things, and watched more movies. All in all, it was an awesome time. As always, Gord and Kim said that next time I visit we would do more adulty things, but I don't really mind.

    Interlude 2:
    Back in London to vote, take care of OSAP and do some banking. I also bought tickets to Toronto and Barrie via bus so that I could have part three of my break.

    Part the third: The Wilderness Expidition.
    So on Tuesday I hoped on a couple busses and made my way to Barrie. Once in Barrie my dad picked me up, fed me, and then we made our way up to the cottage, where I'd spend the remaning portion of my break. I brought up a bucket load of movies, half of my LPs and my book. This would keep me entertained.

    I cleaned up the property a bit, both outside and inside. Since the weather was beyond beautiful, I spent most of my time ouside. I went on a nature walk and got myself good and lost by taking a wrong trail getting back, and learned that the GPS on my phone is useless in the bush. But as you're reading this, you know I found my way back with my awesome tracking skillz.

    Oh! I also started to learn out to play the guitar. I don't know why, I just needed something new to do, and people keep asking me if I play, so now I can at least say 'Yes! Not very well, but I can indeed play". Alexei asked me if I learned Wonderwall so I could be a real douche, and I just chuckled and said I learned Motzart instead (hey, he did write twinkle twinkle little star).

    So on Friday Alexei came on up to the cottage, followed by my dad on Saturday. We put the boat in the water, went on an awesome boat ride, had an awesome stake dinner, and just had awesome manly times. I also made them watch Firefly, and they agreed, not all nurdy things are lame.

    And now here I am. I got dropped off at the bus station yesterday, and hopped on a couple more busses and landed back in London. It was a grand way to end a grand break. Now it's back to the books. I'm birning a handful of Section Three Experiment discs for those who wanted them as today marks the first day of the third and final season here at Western University for my Masters of information and Library science. Wish me luck!

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    Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
    4:45 pm
    Classes I've recieved

    So the classes are in! I'm in four of five courses:

    9504Strategic Planning
    9630Academic Libraries
    9671Conservation and Preservation Management in Libraries and Archives
    9766eBooks for Libraries

    So now I'm waiting on a fifth. I'm going to wait until this weekend to sign up for a fifth as a safty net to make sure I have the required 5 courses. But now I'm trying to finish birning this digital libraries to a disc.

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    Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
    9:26 pm
    Tentitive Summer Classes
    So I picked my classes. Here they are, in all ranking glorry:

    Elective Courses

         1     9671 (561) Conservation and Preservation Management in Libraries and Archives
         2     9766 eBooks for Libraries
         3     9504 (725) Strategic Planning
         4     9382 (775) Readers' Advisory Service in the Public Library
         5     9630 (514) Academic Libraries
         6     9362 (777) Materials for Older Children (8-12 years)
         7     9516 Library Design and Planning

    I wanted to rank 'Oral art of story telling' as #1 but it conflicted with eBooks for Libraries, and I think out of the two, eBooks has more practical use. I know I'm an awesome story teller.

    So those are my courses as they sit right now. I have until Monday to change them, but I'm quite happy with them. See you folks in the summer.

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    Sunday, January 16th, 2011
    12:25 pm
    'Cuz I'm in too deep, and I'm tryin' to keep, up above in my head, instead of going under
    Weekend update!

    So that concludes my first week back at school. Second semester seems alittle bit more adventourous than first semester, could it be that the sequil is better than the original, stay tuned.

    But I geuss you want to hear about the classes, and even if you don't I'm going to write them out anyways. So I got into the Archival reference and outreach class. It sounds like alot of fun, the professor reminds me of an owl. We're designing those displays you see at archival stuff, or traviling displays, and even online displays representing an archive. I think this will be fun.

    Cataloguing 2.0 is looking like it's going to be just like the first one, so I wont go too far indepth in explaining that one outside that I'm looking forward to it. Digital Libraries also looks like a hoot, in that we get to design our own digital library! I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do, but I have a feeling it's going to revolve around Genesis and the bandmembors. I'll have to run it by my proff, who seems to be one of my favourit new professors. We get this pengwin for a week (I think his name is Tux) if we get great marks on an assingment.

    Management.........oh management.........The more I think of it, the more I'm not really looking forward to it. I may be more of an outspoke person now, that doesn't mean I want to be called upon to 'lead the discussion'. Thats right, we've got this lotto thing were every week the professor will draw a name and that person will have to lead the discussion from the readings of that week. I read the readings last night (took me all damn day since there was 6 chapters to cover) and if she calls upon me, I have no idea what I'm going to say, and I've done the readings. But Management is made up for Collections development! Why? I get to develop the Beatles Collection in a hypothedical public library! I am so looking forward to this class, even if the final paper is like 80 pages. I can right 100 pages on the Beatles for all I care.  And the proff reminds me of a pirate gypsy (don't ask me why).

    So those are my courses. I'm happy since alot of my friends from 003 are in my classes. It's like being in grade 10 after grade 9 (or more like grade 12 after grade 11, since I really didn't make my long term friends until then). We all banded together in each class, but I'm sure once we get to know more people in the class the groups will spread out slightly and expand. I say hazza!

    And thats about it.

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    Friday, December 31st, 2010
    10:25 am
    Writer's Block: Best movie of the year
    What is the best movie of 2010?

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World FTW!

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    Thursday, December 30th, 2010
    8:08 pm
    t'was the 5th day after christmas and all through the house, michael decided to make his little post
    I was going to post about how screwed up the past day has been, but then I realized how lame reading that would be for you. So instead, I'll give you something much more awesome: What I've been doing over the Christmas break.

    One thing that has been constintly happining over the break is just how awesome everyone has been. I came back to Barrie with next to nothing to give out for Christmas, and little by little, had less to give. The major blow came when the machanics I took my car in to get it fixed told me I had to retire Betzy or else I'll die driving her. So tomorrow, as painful and as tear jurking it will be, and there will be tears, I'm dropping my Car off to Trasy's, where she will find her grave. It will be a sad day indeed, and I'm even going to leave my CD player in her as her last respects. That's right folks, I'm retiring the CD player. If you're going to say good-bye to the first love of your life, you might as well let her go in style.

    Now I know what you're thinking: "Michael, does this mean you're going to get an MP3 player?" To this I say "FOOLS! DO NOT MOCK ME IN MY TIME OF SADNESS!" and after I've calmed down, I shall also say "No, I shall not bend my wills that far as of yet. I shall retain my CD playing mode of musicness (yes it's a word), but I will purches a new CD player from 'The Sourse' or 'Future Shop'.

    So, getting back on track, I've become overjoyed with my friends. Although I only picked up gifts for Alexei and Stephanie, I have recieved gifts from Stephanie (HOLY SWEET AWESOME!) Brittany, Erin and Jennifer. There's a worm sensation inside of me to think of these. I know in my past I had given each of these girls a gift, not expecting a gift in return. Now, here they are, giving out gifts when I didn't have anything to show for it besides the kind smile and thanks. It was beyond awesome. I love you guys. 

    So then, on to what you all want to know: What did I get for Christmas?!? 

    Well, From my father, I got 'Inception' and 'Die Hard'. I also got rocks. How awseome is that?!? From Iork, I got a time turner (and from any harry potter fans that don't know what this is.....FOR SHAME!). From my brother, I got to-be-determind. Pritty awesome shane. 

    From my mom I got Pokemon Soul Silver, this lap table thing, and Pink Floyd's 'The making of the Wall' book. Oddly enough, I was even looking at it the week before.  From my Grandfather, I got 'Beatles RockBand'.

    Overall, I think I got a pritty good hawl. The only thing I didn't get was what I asked for from my brother (mostly becasue he forgot his present in London) and the first season of 'Community' on DVD. But overall, I think I did quite well! I've been playing with my Time Turner more than any other thing in all honisty. It's just so much fun to spin around in all different directions.

    And that folks was my Christmas loot this year. I think I aprove this message.

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    Sunday, December 26th, 2010
    1:33 pm
    Dream boat Michael
    Alright, so one heck of a weird dream comming at you. This one is very 'story-like', but alot of things just kind of come in and out without reason or rhym. So just stay with me and try not to get too lost.

    At the begining of my dream, the location was not apparent to me. It looks like I was roaming around a new video game. One where I didn't know the terain, but every which way was different. I was with two others, but the numbers also changed from one other person to two other people. Just keep in mind that in this dream, nothing really stayed the same.

    But I do remember walking around with Marnie, my co-worker from Laurentian. She was afraid she wasn't good enough to date again. It seemed like she was doing and saying everything to tell me she wanted to date again, but was afraid she couldn't. Marnie, if you didn't know, looks alot like Scarlett Johannson, just with much shorter hair.

    Then I was walking around with Edmond and Lucy from Narnia, but for some reason Lucy was in Susans body and Edmond had ran off somewhere to try and figure out things. I was also in Lucy's body for some reason. We were trying to figure out how to get back to normal. We were walking around and there were these buildings around. I then realized I needed a few dollars for something. I knew I could go to my land lords for the extra money. So Lucy/Susan and I/Lucy go to my landlords for the extra money. They knew I was me, and they let me in. They also said I can just get the money from my appartment. I could see through their place, which no longer looked anything like their place. The sitting room was right after the door, and you had to walk around the wall to get to the kitchen. Angela, the one landlord was just steping out of the shower, so she only had a towl around her. The basement appartment that I had was also different, in that you walked down the stares and came right into the sitting area. I got the extra few dollars and made my way out with Lucy/Susan.

    We got out of the house and we walked down the road. The house was the only house on the street, and we kept walking across the street until we came to this park with houses around it. I found a small doorway, and took Suzan to it. She was saying this spell to put us in the bodies we desired. Just as I was going back to my body/Edmonds, I thought of Suzan and saw Lucy/Suzan go from Lucy/Suzan back to just Lucy. When she saw that I was Suzan she almost cursed at me and said 'you cant be Suzan!' I asked her why and she said "because you love *Insert name of girl that I like from School* and a girl cant romanticly love another girl like that!" I just looked at her blankly knowing that Lucy was wrong.

    And thats my dream. Later on tonight I'll give my Christmas post.

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    Monday, December 13th, 2010
    10:44 am
    More weird dreams
    Last night I had some weird dreams.

    The first one started off that I was on campus, but it was much more like Gorgain, and I was trying to get into either the last class or the grad club or one of the local bars on campus, but there was this rediculously long line up. So I start waiting in line and the guy at the door yells out "Those of you that have already graduated from a University can come inside with proff they have graduated". So I walk up to the doors and say "I graduated from Laurentian with a batchiler of arts in psychology with honors." The guy looks at me, nods and then lets me inside. The place was indeed packed, and I look around for some friends to hang out with. There didn't seem to be anywhere to sit, but there was one open booth. I finally see all my friends, and they wave to me, but there's no room at all at the table. So I just sit down at the empty table and order some sandwitches and milk.

    Then I'm either in Toronto just outside the CN tower, or I'm at my cottage, I think it was a little bit of both, and my nuropsychology teacher had died. For some reason they gave me the body, so, being at my cottage, I put his body on the top bunk of my bunk beds. I try to sleep but his head rolls over across the edge of the top bunk so that I can see it staring at me. His eyes are open and he just keeps staring at me. I get out of bed and walk along the pavement by the CN Tower. I run into some more friends, this time the Nuroscquad, and they ask me were their professor was. I told them he died and I have him on my top bunk.

    Then I'm in this large cortyard and it's snowing. I realize that it's the Dean from Laurentian's Psych department's birthday, and that everyone in the psych department is having this thing for the APA. If you pass, then you get to join the Amarican Psychological Association and it can give you grants and benifits in finding a job. So I talk to the dean and the Nuropsych teacher, who aparintly is alive now, and they said I have ten minutes to find 12 trinkets lost in the snow. So I run out to the court yard and find the twelve trinkets in 2 minutes and come running back. The two professors are impressed, but only the Nuropsych proff is really exsited about this. He said he has never seen someone complete the task as fast as I have, and that he's going to give me a full recomendation, so long as the Dean clears it, since it's got to go through her. I look at her and ask her about it. I look at her eyes and they're black, no white at all, and in the center of the eye there was red. I said her eyes looked really nice and she smiled and thanked me. She also said that being in the APA really wouldn't give me any benifits. It wouldn't really matter if I was in it or not. She had been talking with a student that she already gave the recomendation to and he said that it really didn't help him at all find a job. I asked who the student was and she said it wasn't any of my consern, but I knew which student it was. Knowing I wasn't going to get the recomendation, I started to leave and then told her 'oh, I hear it's your birthday" and she said it was and I said "well, happy birthday'. She just smiled.

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    Sunday, December 5th, 2010
    12:26 pm
    I'm ready to call it: Michael will die alome and nakeds.


    Two dreams comming at you. The first was actualy really normal, and in that sence it was really weird for me.

    I dreampt I was at school in the New Campus Building, and I was at the Tim Hortants, and I ordered a coffee with a tea biscket. They gave me my coffee with a tea buisket, but they also gave me a hot backed potato with all the fixings. So I was sitting down with Kathrine and Gouthami and they were talking about some kind of fair they were at and I was eating my potato. The End.

    The other dream I had was last night and it was alot stranger, which is more where my dreams usualy go.

    So the first part, I was in this old house. I think I was up at tmy cottage, yeah I remember being up at the cottage. And this house was on the other side of the lake and we were investigating it. Someone thought the basment was haunted or something. So we lift up a floor board and it's all dark down there. I deside I'm going to go and take a look down there to see if theres any thing that's unusual. I drop down to the basment and it's really dark, I cant see anything. All I can see are these boxes piled up to the cieling. I keep looking around but I can see anything. Then I hear voices above me from those upstairs. A new voice comes out and shouts "Michael, get out of there, it's not safe!" I don't know what their talking about, I couldn't find anything that was out of place, and then this green light its me. I try to find my way back upstars, but the floor board that we moved out of the way is not back in place. I start to climb up the boxes in the corner, and move another floor bord out of the way. I climb out and see the 11th doctor with a long brown coat on, much like the 10ths. He asks me what I saw down there and I said there was nothing down there exsept darkness and boxes. He sighs and says thats just what he fears. There's this alien ghost down there that feeds on darkness casted by boxes. The only way to be safe is to have a green light with me at all times. They see it as non-threatining and non-boxish. I show him my toy sonic screw-driver and he says I was never in danger then.

    Then I'm at this other house and there's these three guys torchering this girl. I realize that it's Voldermort and two of his deatheaters. I run off and tell Lupin and Tonks about this, and they said that I did the right thing notifing the Order. Lupin goes and gets Molly and Arthur Weasley, along with Fred and Gorge. I ask what I'm supose to do, and they said make sure the three of them don't leave the house. I look back in and see that Voldermort's face is more like a mask now, not all pail and snakelike, but a mask of a normal face. It also has a mustach, a small penil like Italian Mustash. I hear them inside saying that their going to leave, so I run in and act all crazy. At first they freak out and run outside to the back yard. The one hentchmen goes on a Zip Line, so I run and jump on it. It goes faster and faster back and forth along the line until I jump off and the guy goes slamming against a tree. He exploads naturaly. The next guy runs at me and takes out his wond. I don't have anything but I feel a hand on my sholder and it's Dumbledoor. He says "Expload the wand with a backfiring Lumos charm".

    I point my fingure at the charging henchmen and yell out "Lumos" putting my consintation on the guys wand exploading and it cracks and then exploads, throwing the guy backwords. I turn to thank Dumbledor, but he was never there. Then the Order of the Phenix shows up and seround Voldermort. He's still wairing his mask and we say to him 'The jig is up Voldermort! You're not getting away this time'. Voldermort laughs and says "well it's time to take off this mask" but I'm so pissed off with him torturing that girl that I run up to him and puch him right in the face, and yell "that's for the girl" then I kick him and punch him again and yell "THAT'S FOR GORGE!" then Voldermort takes out his Elderwand and I point to it and say "Expelliarmus" and it goes flying and his mask starts to melt off his face. He looks around at all the people serounding him and then runs off through the croud and excapes through the fence from the backyard. I go to run after him but Lupin stops me saying "You must not do this. This is not your battle. Harry must be the one". and I say "But Lupin, you and Tonks will die if I don't stop him!" and Lupin smiles a sad smile and says "I is they way it has to be. But you must not kill him, it must be Harry." and I'm ready to call him out on it when I realize that he's right, and that both Lupin and Tonks and many others are going to die, and I just let Voldermort get away just because it's Harry who's supose to kill Voldermort, and not me.

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    Saturday, November 27th, 2010
    10:51 am
    If you want to snuff it, all you have to do is puff it.
    So I was back at the museum I went to in Halifax, and I was goofing off alittle bit. So my family decided to just leave me there. I was quite upset as you could imagin. So I found this lady with her kid and told her of my situation. She smiled and told me it would all be allright. I asked her how could she know that, they were on their way back to Barrie which was in Ontario. She continued to smiled and said that everything eventualy will be all right. I still didn't believe her.

    So then I'm at my cottage. I'm there with my family (go figure) and we're trying to decide what to eat for dinner. My brother wanted pizza, but every time we suggested some he would always turn it down saying 'He didn't want pizza'. We were driving around in Alexei's truck, and there was my brother, my dad, myself and my mom, and I think Ann was there also. And we were talking about this amasing pizza place my dad went to when he was still living up at the cottage. He told us it was shut down. So while we were driving, and I beleive my dad was driving, he turns the truck off the road and into the water. But it's going as fast as the pontoon boat goes so no one really minds. My mom gets upset because I called Ann 'Mom'.

    So anyways, here's where it gets weird. My dad pulls off onto this small road and asks us where we want to go. My brother now want's pasta. I suggested taking a trip into Balla for a burger. So my dad and I switch places and I start to back up and put the truck back into the water. It was weird driving in the water. Then I see my friend Gouthami's jacket in the back seat and her cellphone is in her coat poket. I look back and see the number, but I don't recognize it. So I egnore it and continue driving. I then get a phonecall from that number, but since I'm driving I can't pick it up.

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    Monday, November 15th, 2010
    10:06 am
    Your gonna shoot your eye out!
    It started out simply enough. I was watching a CFL game between the Tiger-cats and the Alouettes, and I was actualy on the ground watching the game. It was pritty cool. Then Marnie from Sudbury came by and we went to my cottage and my dad was there and my brother. Something was going on between them but I cant remember exsacly what. So not wanting to get in their way Marnie and I walked down the cottage road. As we walked there was a guy in a Smart car trying to come up the road, but they kept getting stuck. So we get to a cottage at the end of the road that looked like it was made intierly out of Beaver Lumber 2X4s. We sat on the dock and then she went to her own cottage just beside that one.

    So as I'm sitting there, I see Walter, Elivia and Peter from Fringe come by and they're asking me all these questions. I show them this gun that I have, which is basicly just an altured Nerf gun to be able to shoot pellets from a pettet gun. But it flew open and the spring fell into the water, so I dive in and get the spring. They had been talking about how I was so frightened of the water and would only go in the water in really dire seromstances. Peter commented that the spring must have been really dire to the gun or else it would be silly for me to go jumping into the water like that. So I put the gun together and Walter wanted to see the gun. So I give it to him, show him how to tern off the safty, and then she shoots me in the left arm, right in the bisep.

    I stare at him and he just smiles and says "well it looks like this thing works!" I run up to the cabin and try to get the pellet out of my arm, but all thats coming out of my arm is this weird puss fat stuff. I keep squeezing at it like a zit to try and get the pettet out. I start to squort blood out of my arm, and more of this weird jelly comes out, but still no pellet, and I can still feel it in my arm. At this point, I'm in somone's basment and I'm watching this weird show on tellevision with this Asian guy doing really falic things. I turn the tellevision off, and keep trying to get the pellet out of my arm. My Stats proff comes down the stars and tells me that breakfest will be ready soon and that I better come upstairs if I want any. I thank her and return to my arm. Finally I squeeze at it really hard and this white jelly comes out in a glob and once that comes out the pellet shoots out across the room. Finally I get it out, but I'm left with this weird white jelly in my hand. It's contained in this weird membrain. I hear my stats proff yell down again to tell me to hurry up. I realize that I have a gameboy in my hand and I've been playing a puzzle game like tetrus or begewled or something. Anyways, then I wake up.

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    Friday, November 5th, 2010
    9:51 am
    I ain't afraid of no skunk
    So I've been having some crazy weird dreams latley. And by that, I mean I've been remembering them. One night I dreampt that I had this huge craving for McDonnelds, and so I got this super big mac and then eating more and more and when I woke up, I didn't want anything to do with McDonnalds. I probibly wont go there for another few months. Yeah, it was strange. I remember there was also a family get-together in some way and it was like a cross contry road trip or something. I do remember being at my old elelmentry school.

    Anyways, last night, weird dream. Weird dream enough for me to write it out.

    I was at this store, and I'm trying to remember which store it was. I think it was sunnrise reccords. Anyways, I was looking around their vynal section, and I saw two muse albums, and they were EPs but one had a song that was over 20 minutes, and I was like 'sold!' It was pritty awesome. Then I saw an album by the philosipher kinds or puttle of mud or some other crazy weird band that I've never heard (I've heard of, but nothing by them willingly) and the album cover was this crazy weird ELP like spider (ELP in BSS kind of deal) and in the middle of the picture there was this female in a cuccoon or egg or something. Anyways, it was called something along the lines of 'beauty of the beats' or 'beasts of the beauties'. Something like that. Anyways, Alexei was standing next to me saying how much his dad loved the scene in the Lord of the Rings and the Chambler of Secorets with the spiders. He loved how Ron delt with the spiders. I also saw an awesome bootleged Genesis live album. And I'm going to check out with all these awesome records.

    But then things change and I'm following a friend from MILS around downtown, and she's hiding from an ex-boyfriend so every once in a while she'd just disapear. I was with two others, so one of them took her around the corner to hid and my friend who stayed behind and myself saw a comic store across the street, so we go and check it out. They had all these used graphic novils and comics for sail outside, and one of them was a Serenity/Firefly comic. I was like :O! YES! it was awesome.

    So then some kind of transition happened, which I can't remember, but I do remember being with the person who came with me to the used comic store, and we're in this small catwalk into a wooded park and then all these people who were being controled by this one person started attacking us, and they dragged my friend away. But as we walked into the park there was this skunk that all these people didn't like, so when the skunk came back I followed it around the park and these zombie things were freaking out because of it. I gave the skunk a pet because it was awesome and cute and fluffy.

    Then I found the guy who had made everyone attack us and take my friend away, so I started to beat him up good and he kept saying 'you're going to regret this your going to regret this' but I knew he was a friend of mine from when I was a kid and I said "You used to be so nice! This is what you get!"

    And then I wake up.

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    Saturday, October 30th, 2010
    11:50 am
    So Michael, what did you do for research week?
    Well lets see. Where to start first of all. Do I start on last Friday where I can't even remember what happened? Well that would be a silly place to start seeing as I can't remember what I did. I think I worked on my cataloguing assingment where we get to catalogue one of our own books. So me being awesome, I choose to catalogue 'The Grimmerie' the book companion to the Broadway Musical 'Wicked'. Oh! Now I remember, yeah, I choose that book, and then did the origianal cataloguing (for the assinment we have to catalogue it twice) and then I took a walk downtown to find the large public library. The last three times I've looked for it I've come up empty handed, but this time I actually found it. It's big, but not as big as I was hoping for. I took out seven CDs, and I kinda want to head back and pick up some more, since I only made it to the H section of the musicals. Then I came back to my appartment and read.

    So Saturday and Sunday.....what did I do......I think I worked on some school work. I remember doing something to that effect. I also remember watching Firefly and Hairspray. Fun times, I know. But what else did I do. This is bugging me because I know I did more than just that. I know I listened to the CDs I took out from the library.....and I think I read as well. I was reading 'Children of the Dawnland' which I finished through the was alright, but nothing to really write home about. Anyways, since I can't really remember what went on, I'll just jump right into Monday.

    So on Monday, I woke up a bit early, and headed off to the Weldon Library here on campus. I was looking for books about maps. YAY MAPS! I'm doing a reference group project on Geographical materials, and my portion is about maps. So I got some old books all about maps. Then, because my program is awesome like this, we had class through 'reading week' (AKA research week). But it wasn't so bad, we had two librarians come in and talk about the awesomeness of being a Librarian, and then we had two group presinations (Mine isin't until nov 15th). So fun times. Then I stayed at the GRC (Graduate Resorce Center) and worked more on my Cataloguing assignment and a bit more on my reference stuff. I took out this book which had a hell of alot of informaiton protaining to where the presentation for my Maps should go, so I read the hell out of that book. Then I came back here and collapsed.

    Then on Tuesday I woke up and just kinda puttered around for a while before heading out to Toronto to visit Erin. She seemed to be in need of a friendly face, so I provided it. I had a blast! I got there and she wasn't there, so I waited at a local coffee shop, which was quite nice. Then Erin showed up and I dropped off my stuff and we headed out to an 'all you can eat sushi' place. It was made of awesome. Then we wondered around the streets for a while, looking at a used bookstore, and a candy store (she got saltwater tafy) and then we headed back to her appartment to watch the Rocky Horror Glee show. It was really good. I loved all the songs (even hot-patooty, which I never really liked). I kept finding myself yelling at the television at Mr. Shoe to leave Emma alone. It got really creepy when he said he was going to play the role of Rocky. I also loved the fact that Mursadies played Frankenfurter. I thought maybe Quin was going to do it, since I can hear her singing it. Then after that we just channle serfed and went to bed.

    On Wednesday the Other Erin had to wake up early for class, then Erin and I went back to sleep and she woke up a little later for her class. Since I didn't want to just sit in her appartment alone, I got up and got my things together. We hung out for a bit more and then parted ways. I drove back to Barrie to have Lunch with my Mom and Bobshie. We went to 'The Gold and Grittle'. Before that, my mom got me a nice Winter Jacket for Christmas and was going to pick up 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' for me, but they only had it in Blu Ray. But lunch was awesome. So after the awesomeness of the visit we dropped off Bobshie and then Mom was dropped off and I headed up to the cottage. I then watched the rest of Firefly that I hadn't seen this time around, and called it a night.

    On Thursday I sleped in (YAY!) and finished reading 'Children of the Dawnland', and then started working away on school work. You know, the whole reason why they give us this 'research week'. So I worked away on my third analytical paper, since I kinda failed my first two and I really need to get a good mark on this one. So that took up most of my afternoon, then I worked a bit more on my Reference project on maps. Then as I was making dinner a deer jumped out from the woods and started to graze on the frunt lawn. I was like 'HOLY MOSES! A DEER!' so I run for my camera and start taking picture like crazy. Then I see another one join the first and I'm like "HOLY CHOW! A SECOND DEER!" and more pictures, and finaly another deer came out and I was like 'meh, it's a third deer, what ever'. but still, I took a hell of alot of pictures then. It was crazy. So after about an hour they made there way across the lawn and headed back into the bush. Then I finished my dinner and watched the Opeth Concert I got last month and read the comic book 'The Runnaways'. It was amasing. I really want to buy it since I borrowed it from a friend. Then I headed off to bed.

    Then yesterday I woke up at 5:30 to get to London for a meeting I had on campus with my group for another project for noon. I closed up shop at the cottage, and realized walking around the cottage with no lights on it fun when you turn off the power, I headed out. I had to drop my dad's old hunting guns off at his place and picked up some maps from my dad for my Reference group project. Then it was a non-stop drive to London, except I had to stop off to use the bathroom. Then it was a non-stop drive to London. I got at my place, dropped off everything and headed off to school. The kicker: Three of the five of us show up. Gotta love group work. So the three of us got a ruff ouline of what we need to do for our project, and Gouthami and I headed back to my place for a while to wii-it-up. After that we decided we wanted to see the movie 'Score' but it played at 9, and we had 5 hours to kill, so we just headed to the mall. After wondering around for a while we headed to the movies and saw 'Legend of the Gardians: the Owls of Gahool' or how ever you spell it. For an animated film, it was amasing! It was an owl version of Starwars. I really loved it. But after that movie, and having to get up at 5 in the morning that morning, both Gouthami and I realized we were too tired to watch 'Score' so I dropped her off and I headed on home. To which I collapsed.

    And now I'm updating this and will work more on my Cataloguing asignment, hopefuly getting that done today to free up tomorrow for the big halloween party tomorrow. I find it odd that I'm this section (our program is broken up into three sections) 'official organizer' of these events. I don't know how it happened, but I geuss it did. And aparintly when I went to my cottage everyone was at a loss for what to do. It's good to feel needed. And then I realized: I'm an organizer of organizers. I'm a metaorganizer! How many people can put that on a reseme?

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    Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
    2:13 pm
    tree worms?
    So last night I had a worped dream. Like, insane worped dream. This defyed all weirdness in that it went right into insanity.

    Again, I have no idea how this started, but I was driving around this half wooded Maskoka like aria and farm land Orillia esk aria. I geuss it would have been similar to Orillia's outskirts, in that it was combinaitons of deep forists and wide open land, and lakes. Anyways, I was driving around and then walking. And I was going to all these different cabin things looking for something. I can't remember exsacly what I was looking for, but what ever it was, I couldn't find it.

    And now here is where it gets weird.

    I was on this hill, and it was like a skii slope, or something like a consert hill or something like that, and I was walking down it to the base of the hill. I had a feeling that what I was looking for was located at the bottom, so I got to the bottom and found this dead deer. I look at it and I realize that it's got a hole through it's stummic. I take a step back and see this thing in the dirt/grass. It looked like a large vine, or a worm or something. It was about as thick as my arm, and really really long. I never saw the end or the full thing, but it was moving around under the ground. It then shot up from the ground and withered and slithered back down. I started to run and I tripped over another one of these thick vines. I fell and I could feel them under the ground moving. I got onto a paved path at the side of the hill and saw another shoot up from the ground and hit another deer. I walked over to the deer and could see it was dead. I started to run, knowing that what ever it was I was looking for was still back there, but I couldn't stand these giant worm things.

    I got to this crossroads and there was my brother and cosen sitting at a picknick table, hanging out with these other people. I joined them and told them they should probibly come with me and pay for their own gass. They seemed to be find with that but wanted to see this consert before we left. I said that was fine, and we went back to the hill, and there was this large scafilting equitment for the stage. The band started playing Dream Theater's 'Octavariam' so at the end of the song, I climb up the scafilting equiptment and belt out the guitar solo a-la-air guitar. But I was too intence with my slide onto the large aria that it disconected from the stage and started to wobble around. Everyone started shouting at me, telling me to get down. So I road the equiptment as it fell and slid off.

    And then I woke up. I better book my psychiatric evaluation soon.
    Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
    7:56 am
    More dreams
    Ten minutes before school, which means update time. And by update time, I mean write out a dream I had last night. I could always write out how school is going, who my proffs are and the new people I'm meeting, but who wants to hear about that when theres a dream to recount!

    So the most crazy and relevant part to last night's dream was this: I was at my aunts/uncle's house, which used to belong to my grampa and grandma, and we were having a family get together, but the house was located on a lake. realize if I want to be back home in time for something that I have to do, I had to take my dog for a walk now. So I anouce that I'm going to take my dog for a walk and get up and go into the kitchen. Britany, Santana and Quinn from Glee are there, and they're trying to make me anxious and uncomphortable by being overly sexual. Then Quinn says to Santana that since she made a mistake in one of her questions, she has to get naked. So she does and I realize that I'm actualy frightened of Santana now. I run out of the kitchen and I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turn around and it's Brittany. She says sorry for being mean and hopes we can still be friends. Since I never met her before now, I smile and say sure. She smiles and skips away.

    And there you have it. I cant really remember much else, even though I know more stuff happened.

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    Saturday, September 11th, 2010
    8:28 pm
    And the weird dreams just keep comeing
    So as the subject says, I had another heck of a weird dream last night.

    I was here on campus at Western walking around the main library and I saw Jennifer from walking around, but she was pregnant. She was with a friend she made at University the friend was giving Jennifer high fives because she had slept with this Steven guy. But Jennifer knew I was watching so she seemed almost alittle ashamed of herself about it.

    Then I was running through this weird giant pop out book and I got to a point where I had three door ways out, and the one led to all these pop up cards with sords, and another one led to all these pop up ducks on convayer belts with dagers, and the last one had these crazy flat men with sords, much like the cards. I realized I must have been in Doctor Parnasus's Imaginarium, and I try to run back to the way I had come in. But the host of the old TV show 'Uh-Oh' was saying there was no way back out. So I run through the pop up walls and run through to the far side and I come to this comity of all these guys and tell them about whats going on with the Imaginarium. That people are going in, but instead of getting their 'hearts fulfillment' they're getting killed. They all look at me like I'm crazy, and then these weird people/stuft-animals come in. The one that looks like a blue garaf starts to blow a big bubble that takes on a shape of itself and then the blue geraf deflates and the buble stands there for a while, and then I can see pain in the eyes and it too deflates.

    Then I'm walking down Deerhurst in Barrie and I'm in costume, but its not Halloween, I'm just walking around dressed up in a costume. But I don't even know what I am, I just know I'm dressed up. And all these weird little foxes run out from the forest and they come around all these other people in costume, and they say 'awe arnt' they cute?' and we realize that one of the foxes are dieing. So we want to get one last picture of the whole fox family and us before the fox dies, so we all band together in the middle of the road and try to get a picture. I'm about to take the picture when someone says "I don't want him taking the picture, I don't trust him." So I say "well I'll get in the picture and you can take the picture." they say fine and I get into the picture and they're about to take the picture when they say "how do you work this thing." So I go around and show them how it works and then get back into the picture and they take the picture. But no one likes how it turns out, so the person who took the picture comes back into the picture and someone else goes up and takes the picture.

    Then I remember seeing Mike L and he was saying how great Supertamp was ever since he came into the band after 'crime of the centery'.
    Friday, September 10th, 2010
    12:41 pm
    A new begining for the same old ruteen.

    I just remembered a crazy part of my dream last night. It was pritty screwed up. Like 'what the hell was that' kind of screwed up.

    Dream alittle dream of meCollapse )

    So school. Now that I've written out my dream from last night, I can get to my school experience for the week. 

    It's been a really neet experience. I have five courses, and since they're all manditory, I have all the same people in each class. So it's kind of like Elementry school again, where you have the same people in every one of your classes. I love being back in the classroom. When I started on Wednesday morning again, I couldn't help but grin the whole time through. It was great. Although my schedual is kind of weird. Four of my five courses are on Wednesday and Thursday. On both day's I have class from 9AM-12PM and then 6PM-9PM. So I'm essentialy at school from 9AM-9PM. I have a six hour brake between the two classes on both days, but since I walk to school, I think I'm going to be lazy and just stay. This reminds me of my third year at University when I had classes only on Wednesday and Thursday, and had class from 9 straight on until 6. Although I didn't have a brake between classes then. I enjoyed that, so I have a feeling I'll enjoy this.

    And the poeple in my classes are great (so far). Everyone is really friendly and there doesn't seem to be any of those "I'm just taking this because I have nothing better to do/only apeasing my parents" which was really domenent in my Undergraduate. And the gender ratio is more equil. There are still alot more females to males, but the number is more like 2/3 instead of being 1/10.

    The classes themselves are more and less intence than my Undergratuate. Since there are no tests or Exsams, our marks are based on (almost) weekly assignments. You pritty much have an assingment in each class due every other week. So in one sence, it's less intence. No more studying for hours for a test, no more writing for hours on an 8-15 page paper. But in the other sence it's more intence. You're pritty much working non-stop on another paper or assignment. But there's going to be alot more group work and group projects, so again, it's a traid off that will probibly equil out.  

    So I'm really looking forward to the school year. It will be really interesting to see where this is going to take me. And the school program is only a year if I play all my cards right! So this time next year, I can have a masters in my hand and then I can work my arse off trying to find a job.

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    Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
    10:05 am
    Earth to Bella, your treading water successfuly, but don't you want to see the deep?
    Well today starts the first day of school for most of us. And by most of us, I mean those of us foolish enough to still be in school. I being one of those peoples. I'm not sure if I have class today, since it's a titorial. And seeing as most titorials follow a class, and no class has come up yet to be followed......well I'm going to go anyways since I have an orientation with the Library after said class (If said class is even on). Now it gets even more confusing, since the other section of my program (they split us up into three sections) who has the titorial was told at orientation on Thursday not to come to class since no one will be there. But my professor said "We'll see you on Tuesday when classes start". So yeah, again, I'm going to go. Worst case sinario, I have to wait around for an extra couple of hours. But I have a book for that, so I'm set.

    So in other news I spent the weekend (the long weekend to be more prisise) up at my cottage with my dad, Babchi and Ann. Babchi didn't join us until Saturday afternoon, and Ann didn't join us until Sunday. But I drove up Friday afternoon and my Dad met me up there Friday night. It was fun, we mostly just grilled into what's wrong with my brother and my mother. Our conclusion: A lot. As I told my dad, I'm just glad that school starts up this week, because the childeshness of this family is getting out of hand.

    But while I was up at the cottage, and since it was mostly rainy all weekend, we spent most of our time listining to music and reading. I'm treading through 'Vanity Fair' but I'm having a hard time with it. The aurther spends too much time describing the story, rather than telling us about the story. It just seems to 'converastion with the reader' as a naritive. And it wasn't until I pictured it as a jolly ol' English man narrating the story like a film that I started to get more into the story. Sure there are many times when your reading it and going 'who the hell are they talking about? Where the hell are they? When the hell did that charater pop up? What the hell is going on?!?' But as with any book, once I start one, I must finish it. So yay.....

    My dad also seems to be obsessed with adickions now. Since his energy auditing business when under he's thinking about becomeing a counciler. When I heard that, I gave a chuckle and said " a counciler.....have at 'er" But he seems to think he'd be good at it, and someone he knows who's a counciler also think he'll be good at it so, whatcha gonna do. He seems to love getting into things he knows just a little bit about, and then going full forse into it (A-La-Energy Auditing, all be it, he knew quite a bit more on that subject than he does counciling). He wants to work with, what the theriputic comunity, call 'the worried well', who have a small problem and just are in a bad place at this time. Basicly we all know they're going to do just fine, they just need someone to talk to and help guid them out of this time. So I geuss thats a little more reasonible. Although, he's almost obsessed with adickions. Everything comes down to it: 'why are we so fat? because we're adicted to food! We get joneses for food and then we have to eat! If people could just see that, we'd be more healthy'. I said to him 'well, what about our biological need to eat to, you know, live?' and he said "well yes, there's that, but it's more over eating and exsaping reality through fool." 

    Well, if he's having fun and he thinks it's the best course of action. I just couldn't help but shake my internal head when he was talking about it. Of course I encuraged him to get all the informaiton and make sure he knows what he's doing before 'treating anyone' since he's getting too far into the psudoscience for treatment (Positive visualization, law of attraction, some weird kind of tapping technique that's just a growning method). But like I said, if it makes him happy, all the power to him.

    So other than that, there's my mother and my brother. Yeah, I'm not going to get into that, since I can write for DAYS on those two. I'm just going to leave it as 'they're acting very childish and why must I parent my parents and siblings?'

    So yay school starting up. Hopefuly I can keep up the writing in this journal to cronical my times in my Masters program. I know I've been a slacker. So I'm going to try to update this at least once a week, hopefuly once a day. But we'll see how it goes.

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    Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
    11:00 am
    The Rath of COOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!
    As you all know, this past weekend was the Fan Expo, which I attended and had lots of fun at. I would write it all out, but I think Stephanie covered most of what needed to be covered. I'll just add in, in bullet points, my highlights:

    -Harry Potter Exhibition and being sorted into Hufflepuff.
    -Science Center and seeing what stephanie and my child would one day look like (It should never be created).
    -Meeting up with Jessica, Maggie and Hellen who weren't supose to be there, but tottaly were.
    -Meeting Filicia Day and talking to her about Zooey Deschenal and getting Ms. Day to sign my Scott Pilgrim graphic novil.
    -Seeing Stan Lee
    -Seeing Adam West, Burt Word and a very drunk Catwoman.
    -Seeing the dude who plays Spike on Buffy, and hearing him sing as Stephanie, Maggie, Jessica, and Hellen cringe in Horror.
    -Takeing pictures of people dressed up as favourit charaters: Honerable mentions: Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Dream, Sailor Mercury, Princess Peach and Dasey, and a crazy amount of Doctor Whos.
    -Meeting Somer and Lar from 'Least I can do' and talking with Somer.
    -Watching Eureka with Stephanie at my grandfather's place.

    And of course, there was the things I enevitibly Bought:

    -Post Cards from The Harry Potter Exhibition.
    -Delux Pass to get into the Expo.
    -Stacks of Free Comic Books (didn't buy, they were free).
    -Personalized Autographed Photo of Filicia Day.
    -Kurby Krackle CD.
    -Least I Could Do book: Noir et Blank with carrying tote bag.
    -Dalek t-shirt.
    -Eternals comic book/graphic novil.
    -Books from Chapters: Gravity's Rambo by Thomas Pynchon, The White Plague by Frank Herbert, and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

    And that was my weekend. It was amasing. One of the best Cons yet (but oh dear lord was it BUSY!!!).

    The other thing thats going on is the new school year. And I'm getting a weeee bit nervouse for it. Not nervous as past years, but just uneasy since I have no idea what to expect. Orientation is tomorrow at 8 (which means I've gotta wake up redonkulously early to get to that). I'm only slightly freaking out about it, again because I don't know what to expect. And since classes start next week, it's starting to get more 'real' for me. I payed toition yesterday and that cleared out half of my bank account. But again, that just made things that much more real. I know I do this every September, but it's still kind of frightening. I'm suprised I'm not freaking out more than I am. Just a few years ago, I was dry heaving and getting phisical shakes and everything. Now I'm just slightly on edge because I don't know what's going to happen. And it's that which is keeping me unnerved. But I'm sure after the orientation tomorrow I'll have a better handle on things. I hope. I just keep telling myself 'one day at a time', 'It's just orentation, they're not going to shackle you to a desk and make you write out 'I must not tell lies' until it's etched into my arm' 'It's only until 1 occlock, so it's not even a full day' 'I have the long weekend to look forward to, and my classes don't start until Wednesday'.

    Anyways, thats all I've got to say. Also, Scott Pilgrim was, and is, amasing!

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